Roseview Hotel – Muswell Hill


Dates Employed: Work experience, June 1996 – March 1999 Title: Multi-functional

Dates Employed: August 1999 – September 2001 Title – Multi-functional

The time to understand the world of working had arrived at Christ College and it was my responsibility to find a work experience role. Having looked at the details on the boards, I was really interested in the hospitality industry. The closest one to me was Potters Bar, which was too far away for me to travel to experience this industry. Having spoken to my head of year, I was allowed to go and search for a location, as long as they supported work experience.

It was in this year that I found this hotel and asked about a role within their company. I was shocked to be interviewed there and then to explain what work experience was and what I needed to do to get them recognised by my school. My head of year took down all the details and registered the hotel as an interest for work experience, as I had already been interviewed, there was no need to reattend and to arrive on my start date.

Work Experience

Meeting the managers Noreen and John Conway, I worked with a lady named Lucy to help with the cleaning and preparations of the rooms. I had done this every day to understand the need to have a high standard for the customers to have a great impression of the hotel. I had learned about the need to supply a great customer service feeling and how the reception area is key to greeting new customers.

I had also experienced some of the kitchen work, however, this was limited. The health and safety standards were the key areas of this experience and had shown me the demand that was required from the customers.

After Work Experience

I was offered a part-time role on Sundays to work at the hotel to support both the room cleaning and kitchen. During the months of working here, I had been shown the more detailed side of cleaning the rooms such as the stock taking, ordering of products and laundry cleaning. The laundry had to always be counted on a Sunday, ready for collection on Monday via sacks supplied by the cleaning company.

The single sheets had a blue line, the double had two red lines and king size was yellow. Supporting the kitchen, I would sometimes come and help with party/conference functions. This is where the kitchen was used for a large number of dinners and needed extra staff to cope with the added demands. My role was the cleaning of the plates, cups and cutlery. This was extremely important to allow a constant flow and no build up of cleaning that had to be done. The plates were cleaned roughly in the sink and then placed in the dishwasher to give it the added shine.

I was too young to experience the bar work and was not permitted to be in this area to sell to the public. The hotel was very strict on this rule, of which I obeyed at all times. I had also experienced the need to do a high depth clean of the kitchen ready for inspection from the health officials. This was not announced and could arrive at any time. As a result of this, John had always requested for this high depth cleaning to be done several times a week.

Explaining the break of employment

I had worked from work experience until March 1999 as I moved to Butlins in Somerset. When I returned back to London, Noreen and John Conway was happy to greet me back to working in the hotel.

Key areas experienced

  • Room cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • C.O.S.H.H.
  • Laundry cleaning schedule
  • Cash and carry shopping for supplies
  • The need to keep an eye on sell by dates
  • Basic reception work
  • Party/Conference hire
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