My Experience at Butlins Family Entertainment Resorts

Dates Employed: Mar 1999 – August 2001

Title: Room Attendant

     Under the company of Rank Organisation


As a hobby, I enjoy studying history on certain subjects that I find fascinating. One of the areas that I like a great deal is the history of Butlin’s and the story of Sir Billy. In the year 1999, I decided it was my time to move out of my parents home and work at Butlin’s in Minehead. I was unaware that the resort had changed a great deal as I expected to see Somerwest World. This was the final year of the Rank organisation to own Butlins as it was later sold to its current owner, Bourne Leisure Ltd under a new logo.

 My Experience

My role within Butlins was a room attendant, it was my responsibility to clean twenty-two rooms ready for the new guest arrivals. During their stay, I would clean the rooms to maintain a nice and clean stay for all guest. I was in charge of a row called Rockpool Grove within the Butlins village of Ocean Point.

On the day of departure and arrival, it was important that you kept to a tight deadline to allow these rooms to be ready for the new guest. Removal of linen, detail clean of the bathroom and a good hover was needed. During this era of Butlin’s, it was not required for the staff to make the beds. The room needed to be cleaned to a high level, with all side, backboards, window shelves and television sets needed to be wiped.

The room would then need to be hovered and work in the shower/toilet room would start. Cleaning of the mirror, the shower unit, the toilet and mopping the floor was an expectation. I would touch this up with making the toilet paper triangle bit at the end, adding that personal touch.  It must also be noted that any repairs that would need to be reported were given to the housekeeper to register this with the relevant department.

During the week or weekend of the customers stay, I would go inside to clean any minor areas. This would mainly be the toilet, shower, make the bed and hover to give the room that nice fresh feeling. There times when we were required to work on other areas when the demand for ours was low.

This role had needed me to move to the location from London to Somerset, Minehead.

A small note about Butlins

The above logo is no longer used for Butlins and was during a time when the Rank organisation was the owner. The current logo is now;

This is owned by Bourne Leisure Ltd.

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