Training Obtained

Whilst working as a caretaker, it was very important that training was taken to keep the health and safety matters to a very high level for both my self and my residents. Below is a list of my training that I had done whilst being a caretaker.

visit: to view more.Stage one BICSc is a qualification that gave evidence that I am able to use machines and work to a high level of health and safety whilst as a team player or as a lone worker.



  • To clean windows with health and safety for both the caretaker, colleagues and residents.
  • To clean several types of flooring with the use of chemicals, whilst obeying to the rules of C.O.S.H.H.
  • To clean walls and bin rooms
  • To polish flooring via a mop and via a buffering machine
  • To remove polish via a mop and via a buffering machine
  • To maintain the polish via a mop and via a buffering machine
  • To obey to the rules of health and safety at all times with the use of the chemicals, signage, possible tripping hazards and placing the wiring of the machine in the correct method.

These are the in-house training that I performed whilst working for both Barnet Homes and Barnet Council Handling – Essential for the role as a caretaker, this was very useful for when I was removing any bulky items and how to pick up items to protect my back.  Obtained – no certificate issued

Ladder Training – I was able to learn more about the use of a ladder and how to correctly place it in a place that kept me and others safe. This training was only for the use of a ladder of only five steps high. As a caretaker, we were not expected t climb any higher than this.  Obtained – no certificate issued

C.O.S.H.H. – Using many chemicals, we were expected to understand what the symbols on the containers and how to use them. This vital course had taught me to the need follow these signs and use them correctly. C.O.S.H.H. also taught me a life long lesson on how to follow any warning signs.  Obtained – no certificate issued

Valuing Diversity – Diversity is very important as it teaches you to respect each person as unique and their believes, for example religion, celebrations and other areas.  Obtained – no certificate issued

Asbestos Awareness – I found this course to be one of the most important ones of them all. Asbestos is an area that I feel all must follow and should be refreshed each year to keep the awareness to the highest level. The course taught me the need to be on high alert and how to report suspected asbestos. Never to touch the items and recognise any symbols shown. Obtained – no certificate issued

Blower Training – To use and maintain the blowers to keep them in working order. It was also used to help us understand the need to use anti vibration gloves and the health and safety uses. Obtained – no certificate issued

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