My experience as a caretaker

Working as a caretaker has three meanings towards experience that you gain. It was not always about the cleaning and litter picking of the estates. Here are the three meanings about the role caretaking.

1. Working unsupervised and as a lone worker

As a residential caretaker, it was my responsibility to represent the council the best level possible. It was important to have the knowledge and to not pass the buck on any issues that might have arises. If you did not know the answer, a phone call to the department at hand would solve this issue. Show support towards the resident and give them the very best impression of the service and the company you represent.

It was also important to make sure that I am safe and to understand the essential need to remain calm at all times. Do not take anything personal about the situation at hand and to listen to the concerns. The tone of voice might seem aimed at you, however, it also might be the way they speak.

2.  Presentation and the value of my position

Whilst there was expectation from the council and Barnet Homes on how the estates should look like, there was also another from myself. Taking pride and ownership over my role had a large impact on how I allowed the estate to represent me as a caretaker. I wanted to go above and beyond to improve the presentation and to give that “wow” feeling.

Always reviewing what was needed and planning the work for that week was an expectation from myself to help give a better service to all. Bank holidays, annual leave, covering other patches had to all be in consideration when I work during the week.  Polishing floors, maintaining, stripping and seasonal changes all needed to be in the plans to make the goals of that week successful.

3. Customer and Residential Service

A smile, saying good morning and never saying the words “that’s not my department” all helped towards a better community spirit. There was many times when I got asked about rent issues, council tax charges and many other areas that were not related. My response was to listen and offer them advise on who is best to chat with.

Keeping honest and telling them that its not related to caretaker was needed however, offering another solution with direct numbers, websites and email address helped them ease the stress.

Please use the sub menu shown to view more about my role as a caretaker. Barnet Council role was the start of my caretaking career with Barnet Homes being towards the end.

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